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How does an improper workload tamper with your performance?

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Alarming stats

Inappropriate loading can be attributed to 60-70% of running injuries as you are asking too much of your body before it has had time to adapt.

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Costs your dream

Impact, poor training practices, improper equipment, lack of conditioning, or insufficient warm-up and stretchingcan cost an athlete their dreams or their livelihood.

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Under or over training

What not all athletes realize, however, is that overtraining can be just as detrimental as undertraining. Both increase your risk for injuries and decrease your athletic performance.

Evvo Sports Platform comes to the rescue

  • Giving the full picture of an athlete's performance, and the insights that you need to make data-led decisions to optimize performance, prevent overtraining and injury, and improve results.
  • Keep athletes in the ‘high performance-low risk’ zone
    Load, injuries and performance are closely tied. Optimal workload management helps you monitor the individual load-performance-injury relationship and maximize athletic potential safely
  • Prevention of risk and enhancement of performance
    Administer KPI-specific tests to compare the athlete’s current level of fitness and performance to the task requirements.
    Progressively increase the athlete’s performance capacity to the level required by both the overall competitive task and specific KPIs.
Lose the fear from risk and gain confidence from your performance

Evvo Sports platform defines strategies and responsibilities, and a proper risk management solution to capture, analyze and report on real time

Our multi-faceted approach

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To track, plan and monitor the daily wellbeing of athletes.