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Leverage health data and give match ready athletic training

  • Athletes can use the easy-to-use app to complete the health survey on their preferred device. It helps coaches to get responses from athletes in real-time, no matter where they are and learn more about participants’ state of mind at a moment.
  • Customizable questionnaire builder that covers your needs
    An intuitive layout helps you create questionnaires in minutes.Thus informs coach on the proper training dosage for each athlete and enhances the process of recovery and performance.
  • Incorporates evidence-based methods
    Accounting for athlete’s ongoing, day-to-day and week-to-week survey responses encourages continued progress and a successful training experience.
Evvo Sports Platform

Collect training, test and competition data in real-time

Gives you the personalized and evidence based suggestions that you need to train your athlete the best

  • Compliance Reports
    Monitor your athlete compliance with the data retrieved from their response on survey and the health practitioners’ diagnosis rate.
  • Customize Reports
    Measure the incidence and prevalence of health problem of your athletes in your preferred choice
  • Customize risk Matrix
    Customize incidence and severity method in your choice and assess the risk for a specific health problem and activity
  • Health Issues Reports Management
    Record and track the health issues, its type, location at which injury happened and diagnosis
  • Export and Visualize Report
    Export raw data, visualize and analyze injury happened at a location, activity during which athlete injured , and such
Connect. Engage. Train. Win

Encourages Collaboration and Transparency

Simplify the work of your medical team on board with the built-in EMR, SOAP note management and treatment recording facilities. Wellness, training monitoring, questionnaire, scheduling, workload management, testing and assessment modules, makes organizational alignment and data consistency easier to manage. Record, import, export, store and monitor health, screening, assessment and performance data for any sport that you are focussing on.

Secure Integrations and Workflows

Integrate with third-party services, track, manage, analyze, and share important medical data, run workflows, and more securely without storing any sensitive data on our HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR compliant platform.

Tailor it as you prefer

Customize data collection forms, periodical health questionnaires, activities, injury and risk management. Use your preferred diagnosis system, centralise your training, medical, well-being and screening data. Use your own tests, formulas, standards, terminology, benchmarks and monitor your athlete’s performance, gain actionable insights and optimize your training time on and off the field.

Time and money saver

Our app has a flexible subscription, and gives you the ability to customize a program specific to your needs that you don’t need to hire an app developer to customize or program the system, a big data scientist to garner and analyze data or a biostatistician to calculate prevalence, incidence, burden, severity, and such but do it by yourself with simple clicks.

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To track, plan and monitor the daily wellbeing of athletes.