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Giving coaches the ability to build teams that put exactly the right players in the right positions

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Analyze your data and improve your performance, and compete yourself in every match!

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View your athletes' current condition and make on the fly decisions backed with charts, graphs and data!

Why Evvo Sports Platform?

What does Evvo Sports Platform offer?

The Evvo Sports platform is an easy-to-use and customizable Athlete Management System. Our platform is based on years of scientific research and feedback from professionals in the field.

Our system can be used to centralize all health and performance data within your organization, facilitate communication between staff and players, optimize your workflow and give you insights to support your decision-making.



Ensures that your athletes are in the best possible condition to train.


Collects sports-specific metrics, helps you plan and monitor your training load to reduce risk and maximize performance.


Track, manage, analyze, and share important medical data, securely on a HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR compliant platform.


Gives you a big picture of yours or your team's routine, training loads, and fitness regime to ensure optimal performance everytime.

Unleash the full potential of athletes

Monitor your athletes with data, stats and facts

A comprehensive athlete data management solution

Evvo Sports platform collects, tracks and analyses data to improve health and enhance performance outcomes through:

Integrated data

Integrates data from your preferred athlete tracker app and get insights into their health and performance

Pick your metrics

Pick from our compiled list of health metrics and customise it to measure your professional athletes’ overall health and performance.

Tailor it as you prefer

Customize data collection forms, centralise your training, medical, well-being and screening data. Use your own tests, formulas, standards, terminology, benchmarks and monitor your athlete’s performance, gain actionable insights and optimise your time on and off the field.

Plans Workload

Uses precise athlete metrics to decide not only when to throttle back and when to go all out at the team level but also at the level of the individual athlete.

Reduces the risk of injury

Our insightful data on training thresholds helps the athlete avoid overworking inturn reducing overall injury rates.

Tracks performance

Players can be shown hard data of their in-game performance, information that is simply impossible to argue or make any guessworks.


To track, plan and monitor the daily wellbeing of athletes.

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